Feb 03

Mandate Amendment: Every Journey Starts With Small Steps -

How the Mandate Amendment Coalition will save America from the corporatism that will result form Obamacare and the supreme court chief justice Roberts’ decision.

Jan 08

First the Obamacare Mandate, Next Flu Vaccinations -

What will happen when the prescient is set in stone that American politicians can combine their taxing power with corporate money?  Mandates for just about everything, next is vaccinations.

Dec 11

I Hear the Train A Coming and a Health Care Crash -

How can we learn from history what happens when products and services are imposed upon the American people by the government?  The impending problems in the health care industry can be seen in other, similar efforts in history.  And the worst is yet to come as government uses more and more its new right to force citizens to buy the products and services of private companies.

Nov 14

Republicans get what they deserve: Election 2012 -

Want to know why Romney lost the election in 2012?  Here is your answer.  The GOP will not like this, but it is the truth.

Sep 11

If you find my instance upon NOT toeing the line for your political party annoying …

If you find my instance upon NOT toeing the line for your political party annoying …

Sep 01

The three most important aspects of education, none of which are teachers. Face this and the solution to the challenges of education become clear . . . -

Students blame teachers, teachers blame families, families blame teachers, Democrats blame the lack of funding and Republicans blame the unions. There is truth to all sides of the discussion as much as there are falsehoods.

Who and what are really important, and how can this truly change?

Aug 15

Death Panels are Real Under ObamaCare - and Here is Proof -

The idea of rationing health care became a very popular topic within Bioethics circles after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, aka, “ObamaCare”. Many conferences and journal articles dealt with the issue, particularly surrounding the issues of “fairness” and “end of life care.” As this report shows, not only do bioethicists advocate rationing, but some have learned to not use the word, and they freely admit that they believe rationing to be inevitable.

Aug 12

Creativity: How to make it happen, the reality and the myth -

How does one be creative? Is it learned or is it innate? Like so many things in life, there is no definitive answer. There are those who are creative by nature and those who find it a challenge, yet even the most creative people have moments of difficulty and failure, just as those who are creatively challenged can have moments of true ingenuity.

Jul 28

Markets and Morals: The New York Times is Wrong -

Markets and Morals by Nicholas D. Kristof is a perfect example of how morality in American society has progressed beyond the absurd. Kristof’s complete and utter ignorance of his country and economics, coupled with his ability to be published in a supposed prestigious publication as the New York Times, illustrates that people of character and wisdom are few and far between today …

Jun 26

Divide, conquer, and the end of the Occupy and Tea Party Movements -

537 politicians vs. over 300 million citizens, and they could win.